Friday, September 5, 2014


'Rogue' caper in the Glen.

This week, a capercaillie has been defending his territory.
This has led to stress on the bird, and injury to at least one visitor.
We have signposted the path, and ask you to avoid using it.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Mount Keen: perhaps 'beautiful hill', 'hill of meetings', or 'hill of difficulties'!
Beautiful, meetings, difficulties........
Sunday 16th saw mountain rescue teams from Aberdeen and Braemar out on Mount Keen, at the head of Glen Tanar, looking for 2 females stranded on the hill.
It was freezing cold, with a clear sky and full moon rising before they were found later that evening.
The call had come in just before 5pm, and after a brief scan of Mt Keen by the Ranger- good view of the shoulder, ridge, and summit from above Etnach- teams headed onto the hill. Trudging, using flares, and with tracked vehicle back up, a systematic search was mounted.
After several hours, with good collaboration between the two teams, the ladies were brought down off the hill.
Some doubt about location, and poor use of map and compass, seemed to be contributory factors leading to the call out. There's a good path up Mount Keen from the south: but in winter, like now, it's covered in snow, so good navigation skills are essential.
Thanks to the action of the Aberdeen MRT and Braemar MRT, all ended well. Later this year- June 7th- AMRT will be running a sponsored walk in Glen Tanar. Come and help raise funds: next time, it could be you we are looking for!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Our last work party of the year: mainly members of the John Muir Trust clearing brash from a popular area around the Chapel of St Lesmo. Brushwood can make habitat piles, or be chipped for path surfacing. Logs go to the Visitor Centre stove.
A poignant day: as well as last meet of the year, it was farewell to Elspeth and Ewen, off to the Border country.
And yet, everyone looking happy!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Junior Rangers get active

A mixed group took part in our recent 'hands on' conservation day.
Cairngorms Junior Rangers, John Muir Trust members, volunteers and Rangers worke dtogether to take down redundant fencing alongside the riverbank path.

ENDURANCE RIDERS IN THE GLEN: successful riders on a recent fundraising event in Glen Tanar.
The event raised funds for  Horseback U.K. Another riding event is planned for June 1st, 2014: a 'horseman's Sunday'. Let us know if you are interested, and we will send you details.

Sunday, April 28, 2013


We are starting to thin out the trees on the Knockie.
Please look out for vehicles in the forest, and along the tracks.